Special thank you to the Mink's and the team.  I spoke with many different insurance broker's in Toronto, who were not that helpful. Then it dawned on me, why not keep my business in my home town.  I called Mink Insurance and spoke with Jodie who was extremely helpful, kind and courteous.  I wish I could give more than just a like and five stars.  (as posted on our Facebook page - added with permission)

Michael Solomon
August 22, 2017

I would like to let you know what great service I receive from Emma Simms.  She is always responsive, upbeat and well informed and is a big part of why I'm a loyal customer.
Thanks Emma!   (added with permission)

Sean Diening
August 23, 2017

The people that work here are committed to maintaining an excellent reputation and it's very evident that they're in this business for the long term.  I really enjoyed working with Melanie Tremblay because I know that she was looking out for my best interests.  Last year I went to meet with her and she told me straight up that at the time there would be no benefit to me switching over.  When we reconnected recently, we sat down and she saved me a ton of money with the same coverage that I was getting with my last insurance company.  I would highly suggest going in to talk with them.  (as posted on our Facebook page - added with permission)

William Ballard
August 31, 2017

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